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Best of Missouri Life

2021 Missouri Life Magazine’s Best of the Best

Dutch Country General Store - Hannibal, MO

During our time in Hannibal, Missouri, we have felt incredibly honored to have been invited to participate in Missouri Life Magazine’s Discover the Best of Missouri Life Awards. For the second year in a row, thanks to our amazing customers, we are humbled to have been named ‘Best Country Store’. Additionally, this year we are even more humbled to learn that we are also being recognized as 2021 Missouri Life Magazine’s ‘Best of the Best’.

Best Places to Visit in the Show-me State

Earlier this year, Missouri Life Magazine, a top publication that specializes in all things Missouri, asked its readers to vote for their favorite places to visit throughout the state. Each year the publication presents a list of top businesses, ranging across a number of categories, and asks for readers to vote!

It is truly an honor to have been nominated and chosen as the best within our category, ‘Best Country Store’! To be listed among these other fantastic shops and attractions is something our staff definitely does not take for granted.  We are extremely grateful to know our customers voted the Hannibal Dutch Country General Store as one of the "best" experiences in the Show-me State.

The popular magazine also gives the title of “Best of the Best” to the business that receives the most votes across all categories. In 2021, we are elated to learn that we also have been awarded with this honor!

“We are deeply humbled by both of these awards. We know there are a ton of other choices out there for shoppers, and our team strives to consistently exceed customer expectations for the best possible experience!”

- Levi

Thank you to Missouri Life Magazine

At the conclusion of the competition, Missouri Life Magazine shared the results and a summary about each of the category winners. Thank you for your kind words, Missouri Life Magazinehttps://missourilife.com/discover-the-2021-best-of-missouri-life-awards/!

“The shop in downtown Hannibal opened in April of 2020 and is more than a general store. Sure, you can find candy by the barrels, imagination toys for kids, home goods, even freshly made sandwiches to order, coffee, or a free ice cream cone, but we also strive to build community and provide an experience that brings to mind simpler times. When you stop by, make sure and check out the new mural on the side of the building that pays homage to northeast Missouri’s agricultural heritage and the Honor Flight, both of which are near and dear to Levi Good, the owner.”


Come see us!

Thank you again to all of our amazing customers for choosing us to be 2021 Discover the Best of Missouri Life Awards ‘Best of the Best’. We are grateful for each and every one of you and humbled to be a small part of what this great state has to offer.

Be sure to stop in and say hello to our store manager, Kathy, along with our extraordinary team and grab yourself a free ice cream cone, some free popcorn, or a free coffee. Our Hannibal location is open 7 days a week. We hope to see ya real soon!

Insights from Customer Service

Customer Insights from Noelle

I have been privileged to serve as a DCGS customer service representative for a little more than a year now. During that time, I have talked to so many people from all over the United States. Many are surprised to get an actual person on the other end of the line.

It is my pleasure to be able to help folks when they call in - whether it be a product question, to help place an order, a personal dilemma, or a plethora of other things. Along the way, I have taken note of some questions that customers have asked, and I’d love to share them with you. We hope you will find these insights from Customer Service helpful!

The Perfect Knives & Utensils

I have received many, many calls with questions about our knives and cutlery brands. We at Dutch Country General Store are proud to carry Rada Cutlery knives & utensils which are high-quality products and made right here in the USA! I talk with many happy Rada users each week - I always enjoy hearing stories and feedback about our products.

Some have told me stories about accidentally throwing away their favorite Rada paring knife or stories about someone borrowing and never returning their favorite product. Our customers love their Rada knives and are understandably upset when these things happen! They are relieved when they call and I can help them find what they are looking for and assist them to place a new order.

I often receive questions about how to care for Rada Cutlery. The black handle design is dishwasher safe, however, I recommend hand washing and drying them. Do not place silver handled pieces in the dishwasher - the dishwasher can tarnish them.

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    0 out of 5

Tip: These knives are very sharp, so always keep safety in mind! If you need to give your Rada Cutlery a tune-up, the Rada Cutlery Knife Sharpener is our top-selling, all-around product! 

Searching for That Sweet Treat

At DCGS, we carry many candies from days gone by. This includes Circus Peanuts, Chew Wax Bottles, Charleston Chews, Razzles, and more. We have dozens of varieties on our website! I often receive calls from customers looking for something specific, and I’m happy to help them find it. Looking for a specific line of candy, or a specific flavor you love, I’m happy to direct you to the right place!

If you’re looking for a new sweet treat to try and wonder what items might sell the best, you’re welcome to call me anytime! I am happy to update you on the items that are currently popular. Right now, our top three candy items are Orange Slices, Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes, and Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties.

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    Orange Slices

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    Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes

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    Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties

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Personal Dilemmas

Sometimes, I also get calls from customers asking for insights from Customer Service with personal dilemmas. While not always product-related, I’m still happy to help our customers find a solution to whatever problem they may be facing.

A man once called who had cut himself shaving and accidentally got a drop of blood on his clothes. He asked what he could use to get the stain out. I don’t usually consider myself a stain removing pro by any means, but I tried to think of something to help. Although bleach, a known MVP of stain removal, would likely get it out, it is known to also remove the coloring from clothing. In this case, I suggested running the stain under the cold water faucet.

If you have a stain that has had a chance to set in, you can try washing it on the cold setting in the washing machine. If you feel extra pretreating is needed, try applying laundry detergent to the stain and allowing it some time to sit. After 10-15 minutes, wash your garment.

Tip: It is always wise to check your clothing tags for proper care of your garment. Also, the dryer can further set-in stains, so always try to wash the stain out completely before drying.

Free Shipping over $25!

At Dutch Country General Store, we offer free shipping for orders $25 or more.  Sometimes I help customers with orders that are oh-so-close to that $25, and they need a suggestion to get them there. Here are a few suggestions if you find yourself in a similar predicament:

Have something else in mind and only a few dollars away from free shipping? Give me a call and I’d be happy to help you find something you’re sure to love!

We Love Our Customers

My favorite part about my job is getting to know our customers and hearing their stories.

Stories about family, stories about pets, stories about life lessons and years of memories - they are truly conversations I enjoy.

One of my favorite memories was a conversation I had with a loyal customer while I was taking her order. She was in her 90s and had lots of memories to share about her life. We discussed when she met her husband, a member of the British Royal Navy. Then we talked about their life in England before returning to the United States. She told me how they used to participate in ballroom dancing competitions, among other memorable life experiences - what a fascinating life they lived!

So whether you’re calling for help replacing that lost Rada utensil, looking for a best-selling candy item, needing help with a dilemma, or trying to get over that $25 threshold, I’m always happy to help! I’ll gladly listen to your story and do the best I can to help you. If I miss you, please leave a voicemail and I’ll always return your call.

On behalf of myself and all of us here at Dutch Country General Store - we love our customers! I hope you enjoyed these insights from Customer Service!

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