Old-Fashioned Remedies

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    Blis-To-Sol Liquid

    Our Blis-To-Sol Liquid is great for many ailments and relieves itching, burning & cracking and has been the trusted brand for years!

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    Dr. J.H. McClean’s Volcanic Oil

    Our Volcanic Oil aids in the temporary relief of pain and discomfort of minor muscular strains, bruises and aches. Trusted brand for years!

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    Father John’s Medicine

    Our Father John’s Medicine spans over 4 generations! An alcohol free cough suppressant! Old time recipe.

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    Father John’s Plus

    Our Father John’s Plus medicine spans over 4 generations. An alcohol free allergy relief remedy. For temporary relief of cough & allergy symptoms.

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    Klutch Denture Adhesive Powder

    Our Klutch Denture Adhesive Powder has been around for over 70 years! A trusted super holding formula! Made in the USA.

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    Parche Poroso Capsicum Plasters

    Our Parche Poroso Capsicum Plasters has been around for over 4 generations! Relieves pain in joints and muscles. A trusted old time brand!

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    Peterson’s Ointment

    Our Peterson’s Ointment is one of our most popular old time remedies! Great for relieving itchy skin, minor cuts cracked lips and more!

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    Sloan’s Liniment

    Our Sloan’s Liniment is one of our most popular old time remedies! Spanning over 4 generations to alleviate pain in sore muscles.

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    Our Thum natural remedy helps break the habit of thumb sucking and nail biting. This product allows for nails to grow longer and naturally beautiful.

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    Our Tonsiline Throat Gargle is for quick relief of minor irritations to the throat and/or mucous membranes of the mouth. A trusted natural remedy.

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    Yager’s Liniment

    Our Yager’s Liniment is a standby and is a special combination of a safe and effective medicinal counter-irritant for muscular therapy.

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