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    Chalk Board Set

    Our Chalkboard Set is a classic chalkboard and whiteboard all in one! The chalk Board Set comes with chalk and a board cleaner. Perfect for any artistic mind or as a message board for the kitchen or office. The flipside of this blackboard is a metal white board with an erasable magnetic marker pen.

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    Doodle Pad

    This Mini Doodle Pad will foster your child’s creativity and can fit in their pocket! Enjoy doodles, designs and scribbles on this fun doodle pad.

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    Mini Art Set

    The Mini Art Set is stuffed with arty farty things to do. Unleash your creativity with this novelty art set and become the next Van Gogh!

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    Mini Colouring Pencils

    These Mini Colouring Pencils are great to take on the go and come with 2 different lid options, one picked at random. Fits in your pocket so you can always be ready for the next art project. Also check out our Mini Doodle Pad.

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    Pad & Pencil Games

    These Pad & Pencil Games are sold individually and one will be chosen at random. These classic games of Hangman, Sea Battle, Naughts & Crosses and Dots & Boxes are always a favorite. Great as a gift or include in goodie gift bag.

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    Wooden Rainbow Pencil

    Children of all ages will enjoy this novelty wooden rainbow pencil. Explore your creativity and watch as the colors go from red, yellow, green to blue. Great for any art project.

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