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Looking back at Levi’s Crazy Days 2023

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It was a SPECTACULAR, EXTRAORDINARY, INCREDIBLE, and some might say CRAZY fun time for all!

Looking back at this year's annual Levi’s Crazy Days event held on April 28-29. We knew it would be all sorts of crazy fun!

Both our Hannibal, Missouri, and Bloomfield, Iowa stores enjoyed a wonderful weekend full of free entertainment for the whole family!

NEW This Year - Novelty Games!

You guys blew us away with your enthusiasm and creativity regarding our new novelty games! Our old-fashioned novelty contests were a blast! Customers of all ages participated in our hula hooping contest, an ice cream cone challenge, and a bubble gum blowing contest.

We gave prizes for first place and runners-up! Everyone who participated received a participation ribbon, too! We had a ton of laughs along the way.

Here are some photos of our winners and participants. I think it's safe to say we'll be bringing these back again next year!

Live Entertainment

Both locations featured free entertainment on both Friday and Saturday. We had magicians, stilt walkers, balloon twisters, musicians, and much more!

Bluegrass musicians Joe and Lori King joined us again this year, providing live music in Hannibal on Friday evening and in Bloomfield on Saturday.

On Saturday, we also had Joe the Guitar Guy in our Hannibal location, where he sang and played guitar & harmonica, and we had musician Jordan Izakson singing his country music favorites for our visitors at the Bloomfield location.

The best part of the whole weekend was all the smiling faces enjoying the music and entertainers!

Our caricature artist captured our guests on paper within just a few minutes. The cartoon-style artwork makes for a lovely memento from the day! We loved seeing all of the drawings from both stores and hopefully, all of you did, too!

Incredible Deals & Incredible Fun!

We wanted to go CRAZY big this year, for Levi’s Crazy Days, and for the first time everyone had a chance to take 25% off every single item in our store, including gift cards! This was available online, too! To keep our big savings and prizes going we offered a sign-up for an awesome giveaway that included puzzles, games, decor, Dutch Country General Store skincare, coffee, Piper’s candies, treats, and a gift card.

Looking to next year!

With so many fun activities going on, it was a truly unbelievable and exciting experience. The weather was great (with the exception of a little bit of light rain, late Saturday). We can’t wait to see what will be in store for Levi’s Crazy Days next year and we hope to see ya there!

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Levi’s Crazy Days 2023

Levi’s Crazy Days 2023

You will definitely want to join us for all the crazy fun we have planned for Levi’s Crazy Days 2023, Friday and Saturday, April 28-29th at Dutch Country General Store in both Bloomfield, Iowa and Hannibal, Missouri.

We have plenty of free entertainment planned for the whole family to enjoy!

There are so many fun activities planned. You won’t believe your eyes! This year’s Crazy Days event just might be the best yet! Both stores will have live music, strolling magicians, performers (including stilt walking!), caricature artists, games, contests, prizes, and crazy low prices!

Yep - all of this excitement is completely free! If you have joined us at our previous Crazy Days events, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat!

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Friday, April 28th:

All Day: 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store (even poly furniture)!

3 - 6 pm: Laura Ernst, Strolling Balloon Twister, Juggler, Stilt Walker, & Hula Hoop Extraordinaire!

Saturday, April 29th:

All Day: 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store!

10 am - Noon: Novelty Contests (all ages welcome)

10 am - 1 pm: William the Conjurer (Magician)

10 am - 4 pm: Caricature Artist Drawings

11 am - 2 pm: Bluegrass Musicians Joe & Lori King

1 - 4 pm Magician Ben Ulin

1 - 5 pm: Peter Brunette, Strolling Balloon Twister, Juggler, & Stilt Walker

2 - 5 pm: Country Musician Jordan Isakson

Levi’s Crazy Days 2023 - Hannibal Schedule
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Friday, April 28th:

All Day: 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store!

3 - 6 pm: Bluegrass Musicians Joe & Lori King

3 - 6 pm: Strolling Magician and Balloon Twisting

Saturday, April 29th:

All Day: 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store!

10 am - Noon: Novelty Contests (all ages welcome)

10 am - 4 pm: Caricature Artist Drawings

12 - 2 pm: Laura Ernst, Strolling Balloon Twister, Juggler, and Stilt Walker Extraordinaire!

1 - 4 pm: Strolling Magician and Balloon Twisting

1 - 4 pm: Joe Fry the Guitar Guy

Levi’s Crazy Days 2023 - Hannibal Schedule

New This Year

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Ice Cream Cone Challenge, Hula Hoop Timed Challenge!

10 am - Noon, both locations. Test your skills - all ages welcome!

Schedule (times are approximate):

10:00 am - Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
10:45 am - Ice Cream Cone Challenge
11:30 am - Hula Hoop Timed Challenge

Incredible Deals

Maybe we’re feeling just a little bit crazy, but we’re offering 25% off the ENTIRE STORE! That’s right: everything. For all you Bloomfield attendees, even our in-stock Amish Made Poly furniture can go home with you for 25% off!

Don’t forget about our FREE ice cream, popcorn, and coffee, too! It sure is going to be Crazy Fun!

Follow our Bloomfield and Hannibal events on Facebook for updates on our deals and happenings for Levi’s Crazy Days 2023!

We hope to see ya there!

Dutch Country General Store Expands to Winterset, Iowa


Dutch Country General Store™ has announced plans to open a third brick-and-mortar retail location in Winterset, Iowa in the spring of 2023, renovating the recently closed Ben Franklin store.

Founder Levi Good says, “Madison County, and particularly Winterset, have been on our short list of possible locations for some time, and when the opportunity came for us to acquire the former Ben Franklin location on the town square after Dave & Judy Trask’s retirement, it was too good to pass up.”

Dutch Country Founder, Levi Good, with Dave and Judy Trask, former Ben Franklin owners

Finding A Home In the Historic Ben Franklin Building

Dutch Country leadership first visited Madison County on a site selection visit a year ago.

“Madison County had many things that we were looking for, namely that small town feel but poised for growth in housing and tourism. We were very impressed with the community leadership and their love for their area,” notes Mary Wells, who was part of Dutch Country’s selection committee.

At that time, however, no location was readily available for the retail concept, which prefers historic locations in the heart of the communities they serve. Fast forward to late spring 2022 when Dave & Judy Trask, long-time local business owners first discussed their retirement plans from Ben Franklin.

“We met with the Trasks and right away knew this was the place for one of our stores. Not only were Dave and Judy wonderful to work with, the Ben Franklin location is a perfect fit for us. In what is historically referred to as a triple storefront, and right on the corner of John Wayne Drive and Court Avenue, we have room for all of our retail offerings, Dutch Country fresh baked goods, as well as our full-service deli, which is always a hit!”, explains Good.

The Store With Something For Everyone

Often referred to as a store that has “something for everyone”, Dutch Country General Store™ currently sees thousands of customers each day at its locations in Bloomfield, Iowa, and Hannibal, Missouri, as well as through its online store. Popular with locals and tourists alike, shoppers delight at the unique, nostalgic, and often handmade product lines which include a large selection of old-fashioned and retro toys, home decor, bulk foods, fresh baked goods, souvenirs, candy (including 4,000 lbs of saltwater taffy in each location), heirloom quilts, candles, jar goods, and more. Having launched a successful mail-order catalog business in 2020, which complements the in-store shopping experience, customers from across the country enjoy what Dutch Country General Store™ has to offer.

Excited for Growth

Dutch Country Living™, the parent company to a variety of companies including Dutch Country General Store™, Amish Made Poly™, and marketing firm, Hill Productions & Media Group, has grown significantly over the last 11 years when Good purchased the company from his then-employer. Inc. Magazine has recognized Good’s achievements by naming him among their annual Inc. 5000 list an unprecedented three times, most recently in 2022, recognizing the company with a growth ranking of #67 in retail nationwide.

More information regarding a grand opening date for the Winterset location of Dutch Country General Store™ will be forthcoming.

Dutch Country General Store™ provides patrons with fine, authentic goods and services, coupled with an inspired nostalgic experience, reminiscent of simpler days gone by.

Hannibal Candy Bins
Interior of Dutch Country General Store™ in the historic downtown of Hannibal, Missouri

Preserving the Season


Here at Dutch Country General Store, we are all about preserving the season. We’d like to share some of our team's favorite canning and freezer recipes to help you preserve your seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor (literally), all year long.

These family recipes have been lovingly gathered from the boxes and books treasured for generations by our team members. They have been utilized time and time again - that's how great they are!  We hope you love them just as much and are inspired to start preserving the season today!

Homemade Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce

Can also be used for lasagna and casseroles, with meat or meatless.

Canning & Freezer
  • 4-6 lbs. ground beef (optional)
  • 8 c. tomato juice OR 9 c. cooked or canned tomatoes with juice
  • 2 green peppers, chopped
  • 2 c. onions
  • 4  6 oz. cans of tomato paste
  • ¼ c. brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp. each of garlic, basil, oregano, and parsley
  • 1 tsp. black pepper
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 3 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

Brown beef and drain off fat. Add onions and green peppers. Mix the remaining ingredients together and stir into the juice. Pour juice mixture into the beef mixture and stir. Bring just to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. TASTE!!! And adjust ingredients if needed. Simmer until it reaches desired thickness. Serve with choice of pasta! OR Can with pressure cooker.

Canning: Pour hot mixture into hot jars, leaving one-inch headspace. Tighten rings/caps on jars and process in pressure cooker. Process pints for 1 hr. and quarts for 1 hr. 15 min. at 10 lbs. pressure.

Kosher Dill Pickles

  • ½ lb - 4-inch pickling cucumbers
  • 4 heads fresh dill or 2 tbsp. dill seed
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Small piece of dried hot pepper
  • 2 ¼ c. water
  • ¾  c. vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. pickling salt

Pack cucumbers in hot, clean jars. Leave ½ inch head space. Add dill, garlic, and red pepper. Make brine and pour over contents in jars.

Tip: Try cutting your cucumbers in different ways. Slices are great for sandwiches, wedges are great as a side dish or snack, and whole pickles work great too!

Homemade Applesauce

Ann’s Applesauce

  • Honeycrisp Apples - as many as desired
  • Water
  • Sugar, if desired

Wash, don’t peel, quarter, and remove seeds from Honeycrisp Apples. Add to pan with a little water and cook on low heat until soft and mushy.  Put through strainer and add a little sugar, to taste. Put applesauce in freezer-safe containers and put in freezer.

Tip: If you love cinnamon applesauce, try adding a dash of cinnamon - as much as you desire. But remember, a little goes a long way! A dash of brown sugar is a sweet addition also!

Note: For a brighter, more yellow applesauce, peel your apples before cooking. Leaving the skins on your apples while cooking will add a slight pink tint to your applesauce.

Grandma Pearl’s Vegetable Soup

  • 8 c. tomatoes, chopped, peeled & cored 
  • 4 c. potatoes, cubed & peeled 
  • 5 c. carrots, 3/4-inch sliced 
  • 4 c. lima beans, cooked 
  • 3 c. uncooked corn kernels
  • 2 c. green peas, cooked 
  • 2 c. onions, chopped
  • 1-2 tsp. minced garlic 
  • 6 c. chicken broth or stalk
  • 1 tsp. canning salt
  • 1-2 tsp. ground pepper
  • 2-3 tbsp. fresh basil, chopped 
  • 1-2 tsp. dried oregano
  • 1-2 tsp. dried parsley
  • 2 tbsp. tomato paste concentrate
  • 2 tbsp. bottled or fresh lemon juice, for flavor only
  • 6 quart or 12 pints glass preserving jars with lids and bands

Prepare pressure canner. Heat jars in simmering water until ready for use. Do not boil. Wash lids in warm soapy water and set bands aside.

Combine all vegetables in a very large stainless steel stock pot. Add broth. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Season with spices, salt, and pepper, and let simmer 5 mins more - taste for any spice adjustments.

Using a slotted large spoon, ladle hot vegetable solids into hot jars (to half full) with a non-slotted spoon, ladle liquid into each jar over solids, leaving 1-inch headspace. Remove air bubbles. Wipe rim. Center hot lid on jar. Apply band and adjust until fit is fingertip tight.

Process filled jars in a weighted Pressure Canner (vented for 10 mins) at 10 pounds pressure 60 minutes for pints and 85 minutes for quarts, adjusting for altitude and canner type. Remove jars and cool. Check lids for seal after 24 hours. Lid should not flex up and down when center is pressed. Remove bands, wash jars, label and store in a cool/dry place. 

Vegetable Soup


  • 6 c. bell peppers
  • 4 c. banana peppers, opt.
  • 4 c. onions
  • 9 jalapeno peppers
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 18 lbs tomatoes
  • 3 pkg. Mrs. Wages salsa seasoning

Blanche tomatoes 3 minutes in boiling water, then put them in cold water to easily remove skins. Put onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and a few tomatoes in blender.  Dice other peppers and tomatoes. Add Mrs. Wages seasoning. Cold pack 25 minutes. Put jars in canner and add water until the top of the jars. Bring water to a boil, leave for 25 minutes.

Tip: For a sweeter salsa, try adding a dash of sugar, or a fruit ingredient, such as peaches! Simply fine-dice your peaches and add them to your salsa mix - no need to peel!

Green Beans

Canning & Freezer
  • Green beans - as many as desired
  • Salt - 1 tsp. per jar
  • Water
  • 1 tbsp. vinegar

Cut up green beans. Put in jar with 1 tsp salt. Fill with water. Process 3 hours for water bath. (Start timing when water boils.) Pressure can 25 minutes for quart-sized jars, 20 minutes for pint-sized jars at 10lbs pressure. Start timing after control jiggles. Put 2 quarts water and 1 tablespoon vinegar in a 12-quart pressure cooker.  Keep control jiggling at least 3-4 times per minute. When you’ve processed it 25 minutes, take off heat and let set until pressure drops.

How to blanch for freezing: Prep green beans. Boil water in large pot. Place green beans in boiling water for 3 minutes. Start timing as soon as you put them in. Keep water level ¾ full for all batches. After 3 minutes, pour green beans into cold sink of water to cool. Put in freezer bags to freeze.

Canned Green Beans
Pickled Beets

Pickled Red Beets

  • 2 c. white vinegar
  • 3 c. sugar
  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 2 c. water
  • 1 tsp. pickling spice per quart

Use vinegar, sugar, salt, and water to make brine. Cook and peel beets and put into jars. Add pickling spice to each jar and cover with boiling hot brine. Bring to a boil to cold pack; turn off heat and let set 10 minutes.

Fruit Slush

  • 2 cans crushed pineapple
  • 1 lemonade concentrate, frozen
  • 1 can pineapple juice
  • 1 orange juice concentrate, frozen
  • At least 1 pack tropical punch kool-aid
  • Sugar, to taste
  • Grapes or blueberries, as desired
  • 1-2 bananas
  • 20-30 c. peaches

Mix all ingredients and freeze.

Peach Drink

Which recipe will you try? If you find one you love, we invite you to share your outcome on social media and tag us (Dutch Country General Store). We’d love to see what you create!

Petting Zoo

A Look Back At Levi’s Crazy Days 2022

A look back at Levi’s Crazy Days 2022! Both our Bloomfield and Hannibal locations enjoyed a weekend full of free family fun!

During our annual event, in the spirit of giving we offer FREE entertainment! This year was no different, we brought back our caricature artist drawings, and live music too! Fun was in the air - lots of smiling faces, incredible deals, a coloring contest, and there you have it, Levi's Crazy Days!

Dutch Country Bloomfield
Dutch Country Hannibal
Dutch Country Hannibal

Free Family Fun

During the event, we offered deals ranging from 25-75% off on books, toys, and our nostalgic tin signs. If you love Amish roll butter you were in luck because this year it was Buy 2 Get One FREE, along with select Jar Goods, there was something for everyone!

While our guests visited us, we encouraged them to sign up for an awesome giveaway ($150 value!) that included Grand Marceline Coffee, a fun tin sign, Mandle Candle, a Dutch Country General Store gift card, and so much more!

We had so much fun visiting with customers from near and far - one could enjoy a cone while sitting for their drawing as their ears delight in some live tunes bellowing through the store! If you have visited either of our store locations you know we always have free ice cream, coffee, and popcorn and of course, everyone made sure to enjoy our always-free ice cream - the best deal of all - one that never ends!

Petting Zoo (Bloomfield Location)

Petting Zoo

This year we brought back Miller's Petting Zoo from Illinois! They were so much fun at last year's event that we couldn't wait to have them again.

On Saturday night they were blessed with two baby goats. What a wonderful time to have customers come and see the adorable, brand-new kids. There were children gathering around to see new life, some for the very first time.

Miller's also brought us hens, chicks, rabbits, and more - what a treat!

Petting Zoo

Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist Hannibal

What a talent to be able to capture a likeness - and in 5-7 minutes at that! We loved seeing all of the fun drawings from both stores and we hope our customers did too!

Here we have two little ladies getting their caricature drawn, looks great!

Caricature Artist Bloomfield

Live Entertainment

Live Music

Joe & Lori King joined our lineup of crazy free fun, and they were a joy to have! We heard some Americana favorites as well as new songs from their latest album.

Customers gathered and even tapped a toe to the beat - how could you not? We enjoyed their enthusiasm and some laughs too.

Live Music 2

Coloring Contest

This year, we brought back the forever-favorite, coloring contest, but, with a fun twist! Kids ages 11 & under not only colored, but also hand-crafted *one-of-a-kind* pieces of art… sometimes with serious and other times SILLY outcomes. Our judges had their work cut out for them for sure! We have truly enjoyed seeing ALL the entries in our Crazy Days Coloring Contest.

Please enjoy these photos of the winning entries (shown in no particular order). Artists' names and ages are listed below.

  • 1st place winners receive a $50 shopping spree
  • 2nd place winners receive any toy of their choice (up to $25)
  • 3rd place winners receive a Mix & Match Bulk Candy Bag

Congratulations to the winners, and a HUGE thanks to all who entered. We are looking forward to our next contest!

Bloomfield Location

***Ages 5 & Under***

1st Place - Elora (age 2), Bloomfield, IA

2nd Place - Landyn (age 2), Macon, MO                 

3rd Place - Nina (age 4), Floris, IA

***Ages 6-8***

1st Place - Ernest (age 6), Bloomfield, IA

***Ages 9-11***

1st Place - Jayse (age 9), Macon, MO

2nd Place - Matthew (age 10), Bloomfield, IA

3rd Place - Kylie (age 11), Centerville, IA

Hannibal Location

***Ages 5 & Under***

1st Place - Mack (age 5), Hannibal, MO

2nd Place - Jordan (age 5), Hannibal, MO

3rd Place - Vivian (age 4), Hannibal, MO

***Ages 6-8***

1st Place - Hayden (age 8), Hannibal, MO

2nd Place - Titus (age 6), New London, MO

3rd Place - Jonathan(age 8), Hannibal, MO

***Ages 9-11***

1st Place - Violet (age 11), Hannibal, MO

2nd Place - Clara (age 11), Hannibal, MO

3rd Place - Katie (age 10), Hannibal, MO

***Honorable Mention***

Emery (age 11), Hannibal, MO

Annual Fun for All!

We had a great time taking a look back at Levi's Crazy Day's 2022. We hope you did too!

If you weren't able to visit us this year, that's okay! Levi's Crazy Day's happens every year - we can't wait to see what next year brings!

Levi’s Crazy Days 2022


Join us on April 29th & 30th in Bloomfield, IA & Hannibal, MO for incredible deals and crazy fun at Levi’s Crazy Day’s 2022!

Both stores are offering even more crazy fun this year including a Petting Zoo (Bloomfield location only), Live Bluegrass Musicians, Caricature Artist, and Coloring Contest.

If you joined us last year, you'll know that you're in for a great time!

Crazy Fun at BOTH Locations!

Bloomfield Happenings


All Day: Incredible Deals & Crazy Fun!
11 am – 5 pm: Millers Petting Zoo
3 pm – 6 pm: Live Bluegrass Musicians, Joe & Lori King


All Day: Incredible Deals & Crazy Fun!
10 am – 4 pm: Millers Petting Zoo
9 am – 5 pm: Caricature Artist

Hannibal Happenings


All Day: Incredible Deals & Crazy Fun!


All Day: Incredible Deals & Crazy Fun!
9 am – 5 pm: Caricature Artist
11 am – 1 pm & 2 pm – 4 pm: Live Bluegrass Musicians Joe & Lori King

Levi Coloring Page 2022

Coloring Contest - In-store and Online!

A favorite for the little ones is our annual coloring contest. Create your own crazy costume from the pieces we have seen Levi don over the years. Then help him enjoy a treat from right here at Dutch Country General Store. You could win one of several great prizes!

We are accepting coloring contest entries from April 22nd to May 7th. Can’t make it to the event? That’s ok, send it in the mail!

Mailing information and contest guidelines are located on the coloring sheet.

In-Store Incredible Deals at BOTH Locations!

  • 75% off Select Toys & 25% off ALL Tin Signs
  • Pressure Cooker 35% off! $83.85 (reg. $129)
  • Striped Hammock (Multiple colors available) 25% off $14.99 (reg. $19.99)
  • Premium Frozen Beef Deal - Buy 3 Cuts, Get 1 FREE (equal or lesser value)
  • Deli Special - FREE chips and a soda with sandwich purchase!
  • Amish Roll Butter - Buy 2, Get 1 FREE
  • Select Jar Goods Buy 2, Get 1 FREE
  • Door Prizes! Grand Prize Gift Pack $150 Value!

Follow Us and Stay Up-To-Date!

Follow our Bloomfield & Hannibal Events on Facebook to stay up to date on all in-store deals & happenings for Levi's Crazy Days 2022!

Be sure to check our website for even more savings online, stay tuned!

Crafting with Caroline

Here at Dutch Country General Store, we love it when kiddos complete one of our Melissa & Doug craft projects and then share their experience with us. Follow along with us as Caroline and her mom take us on a “Crafting with Caroline” adventure while completing the Melissa & Doug Created By Me Sweet Keepsakes craft kit.


Visiting Dutch Country General Store

Dutch Country General Store is truly a family operation in our house because my husband, and Caroline’s dad, is on the floor working every day at the store. His co-workers and team members are awesome and know that I’m his wife and are always excited to see Caroline and me.

When we got to the store, Caroline headed straight for the ice cream machine, because that’s just what you do when you visit Dutch Country General Store - you help yourself to a free ice cream cone! It’s the Dutch Country way!

"...because that’s just what you do when you visit Dutch Country General Store - you help yourself to a free ice cream cone! It’s the Dutch Country way!"


Selecting A Craft

We checked out the toys downstairs, near the large buckets of candy, and we quickly headed upstairs. My daughter loves that the Bloomfield, Iowa location has two stories. We were on the hunt for a project that would allow Caroline to be creative and I knew Melissa & Doug would have something right up her alley.

Caroline considered a Scratch Art project and looked briefly at some sticker sets. In the end, she gave mom two options to help her choose - Melissa & Doug’s Created by Me! Cupcake Bank or Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Sweet Keepsakes.

She had talked about including Grandma in the craft session too and I knew Grandma would always be up for a little craft therapy with her only granddaughter. We chose the Sweet Keepsakes set since it had three crafts to decorate. That meant even mom could get in on the fun.

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A Dutch Country Adventure

On the way home, Caroline read the details on the Sweet Keepsakes box - she loves to read. She was so excited that every single word on that box was read out loud the whole ride home.

Everything You Need

The Created by Me! craft set came with quite a lot of pieces to be creative, and Caroline was excited to get started.

The set comes with 3 paintbrushes, a set of paints, cute foil stickers, and glitter glue sticks. All three figurines are really adorable. We let Caroline pick which project she wanted and she chose the ice cream cone. She told me I can have the cake bank and Grandma got the cupcake with the cherry on top. 

Getting Messy

This girl loves getting messy - especially anytime she gets to paint. She loves to experiment and mix colors. As you can see, she got messy, had a ton of fun, and Grandma even pulled out her paints for more color combinations. 

A Fun Escape

Caroline even pretended to ‘eat’ her little keepsake ice cream cone when she was finished. 

It was a great afternoon and it was nice to “escape” with a fun project. Even though only for a short time, it was nice to have my daughter away from her devices and doing something tangible. As a mom to two children, I have trusted Melissa & Doug products since my son was just a toddler. We still have pieces of the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food laying around and in a toy boxes. 

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We Love Dutch Country General Store

We love our time at Dutch Country General Store. How can you beat free ice cream and free popcorn while you shop? We love their unique products, yummy treats, and our kiddos love their large selection of toys. Caroline is looking forward to organizing her collection of hair ties, tiny dolls, and coins into her completed Decorate Your Own - Sweets Set crafts.

Something For Everyone!

If you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and give them a visit. You’ll be glad you did! If you can’t come in person, you can shop online which offers a large majority of their in-store products. There’s something for everyone!

All Things Chocolate

Here at Dutch Country General Store, we love all things chocolate - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate candy bars, chocolate cake, bulk chocolates, you name it! After all, chocolate is believed to contain high levels of antioxidants, which means it’s good for you, right?

Piper's Mural

Historic Chocolate Handmade with Love

Piper’s Candy is exclusive to Dutch Country General Store. The landmark business has been creating delicious chocolates for well over 100 years. 

The story of Piper’s amazing chocolates goes like this. After Joe L. retired, his youngest son Bob learned candy-making techniques from his brother John (who had a shop in downtown Iowa City) and from there developed his own recipes. These are the same recipes and candy-making techniques that are used in Piper’s candy kitchen to this day.

We offer Piper’s Chocolates by the piece in our stores and offer the Classic Assortment on our website. It’s filled with the most popular Piper’s handmade candies: turtles, toffee, caramel rolls, dark chocolate dipped mints, and nut clusters.

The Forever Favorite - Homemade Fudge

Fudge is a type of sugar candy that is made by mixing sugar, butter, and milk, heating it and then beating the mixture while it cools until it acquires a smooth, creamy consistency. It will remind you of something between fondant icing and hard caramel. Chocolate, nuts, caramel, candies, and so much more can be added as well.

Our fudge will forever be a customer favorite. Enjoy a flavor with nuts, without nuts, but definitely make sure you try the Chocolate flavor! Made right here in our own hometown!

Dutch Country Kitchen’s Chocolate Symphony Cake

This amazing, three-layer, chocolate cake is to die for! As Erica Good puts it, “As a very conservative woman once said, “This cake is so good it’s almost sinful!”

This simple, yet delicious cake recipe is a must try. Visit www.dutchcountykitchen.com for a full list of ingredients, instructions, and a step-by-step video guide!

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Customer and Employee Chocolate Top Picks

  • , ,

    Hammond’s Candy Bar Milk Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

    0 out of 5
  • ,

    Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzels

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix

    0 out of 5
  • ,

    Hersheys Nostalgia Bar Milk Chocolate

    0 out of 5
  • , , , ,

    Grand Marceline White Chocolate Ground Coffee

    0 out of 5

Don’t forget we all the bulk chocolates you can imagine! Don’t forget to visit the chocolate section of our website for some chocolate clever peanuts, chocolate covered pecan patties, and so much more!

Hammond’s Candy Bar

Available in unique flavors like S’mores, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and PB&J Sandwich, our customers can’t wait to try all the unique combinations.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix

For all our gluten-free chocolate lovers, this gluten-free chocolate cake mix is the perfect solution! With a few simple ingredients from your pantry, you will be enjoying your cake in no time!

White Chocolate Ground Coffee

“A dessert in a cup”, this blend is a decadent flavor featured in a full-bodied coffee. It's coffee, but also a sweet treat!

Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzels

These crispy, salty pretzels are covered in rich dark chocolate making these bite-sized treats a sweet and salty delight. Prefer milk chocolate? We’ve got you covered with our milk chocolate version!

Hersheys Nostalgia Bar

Of course the vintage favorite would be a top pick - you can’t go wrong with a traditional milk chocolate candy bar. These candy bars are melt-in-your-mouth.

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Hannibal Chocolate Extravaganza Event

For all the chocolate lovers - we are excited to be participating in the upcoming Hannibal Chocolate Extravaganza event from March 11-13. The event will be full of fun and sweet specials from many downtown businesses surrounding our Hannibal, Missouri location. Purchase a passport and receive access to exclusive event-only specials!

If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and see us during the event. We hope to see ya real soon!

Abbie Gingerbread House Making

Holiday Gingerbread House Fun

At Dutch Country General Store, we love the holiday season and all the fun activities that come with it. One of our favorites is making holiday gingerbread houses. It's a fun activity that's perfect for all ages! Whether your gingerbread house is simple or complex, we encourage you to try making one with your family this holiday season!

Join us as we hear from one of our lovely customers, Abbie, as she builds a beautiful gingerbread house from scratch with her grandma. She shares her grandma's recipe and process with us and tells us which Dutch Country General Store candies she chooses to decorate her masterpiece. Follow along with us for some holiday gingerbread house fun!

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Shopping at Dutch Country General Store

My family has a lot of fun holiday traditions! One of my favorites is making a gingerbread house with my grandma. We build one together every year along with numerous other family members.

This year I wanted to get a lot of my decorating candy at Dutch Country General Store. They always have a lot of fun, unique candy, especially for Christmas! Some of the things I chose were:

  • Reindeer Food (peanuts and Christmas-colored candy corns) - I was able to use the peanuts for my walkway and the candy corns for the roof of my shed. 
  • Frosty’s Favorite Mix (kind of like Puppy Chow) - I used this for the roof of the gingerbread house and as an ornate window on the front. I love how it looks like snow!
  • Christmas Fruit Snacks - I used the little white snowmen and red and green trees by the front door to make it look welcoming.
  • Mini M&Ms - These were perfect for creating a wreath for the front door.
  • Gum Drops - I knew I had to use this traditional decorating candy! I chose to only use the Christmas-colored ones all around the gingerbread house and roof.
  • Cinnamon Hard Candy - I used these to create a fence and wrapped it around my whole gingerbread yard.
  • Old-fashioned Hershey Bar - I used this for the shutters on my windows.
  • Shredded Coconut - I used it to add a soft snowy texture all over my little gingerbread scene.
Grandma's Gingerbread Recipe
Grandma's Icing Recipe

Family Traditions with Grandma

My grandma bakes the gingerbread from scratch and uses patterns to create the correct shapes - we love to eat the scrap pieces! Then together, we frost the edges of each piece and place them together. To support each side of our house while the frosting dries, we use soup cans. Once our gingerbread house is built, the fun part begins!

Decorating my house is my favorite part because I get to be creative. Mixing and matching all the candies I chose is fun! As I decorate, my family helps me think of ways I can use the various candies. I love how my house looked when it was finished!

Abbie Decorating 1
Abbie Decorating 2

Decorative Candy and Sweet Treats

Products found at Dutch Country General Store used in Gingerbread House

  • , ,

    Peanut Butter Monkey Munch

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Australian Licorice, Black

    0 out of 5
  • , , , , ,

    Assorted Giant Gum Drops

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Sugar Free Starlight Mint Hard Candies

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Sanded Cinnamon Drops

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    JuJu Cinnamon Bears

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Milk Chocolate Peanuts, No Sugar Added

    0 out of 5
  • , , , , ,

    Cinnamon Imperials

    0 out of 5
  • ,

    Hersheys Nostalgia Bar Milk Chocolate

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Cinnamon Pecans

    0 out of 5
  • ,

    Sweet Temptation Snack Mix

    0 out of 5

Gingerbread & Icing Supplies

Products found at Dutch Country General Store used in Gingerbread House

  • , , , ,

    Ground Cinnamon

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Danncy Pure Vanilla Dark 12oz

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Domino 10X Powdered Sugar

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Crisco Shortening 6lb

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Morton Table Salt

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Baking Soda

    0 out of 5
  • , , ,

    Raw Sugar

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Baking Flour All Purpose

    0 out of 5

Start Your Own Holiday Fun Today!

From all of us here at Dutch Country General Store, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season. We encourage you to participate in your own holiday gingerbread house fun this Christmas and create new memories with your family.

Stop by and see us and pick up your gingerbread house supplies today or order from our website!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmastime has come again! As most of you know, this is our favorite time of year here at Dutch Country General Store. We are once again able to bring you all the gifts and goodies you expect that will help make your family gatherings and celebrations just a little brighter. After a strange and complicated Christmas of 2020, all of our time together this Christmas will be even better and a little more special.

We are excited to share that to kick off the holiday season, we just mailed out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, and we’d love to give you a sneak peek of what’s inside. Within our newest catalog, you’ll find new and exciting things we’ve added to our website just in time for the holidays, as well as many tried and true brands we consider must-haves for any holiday gathering.

As you look through the pages in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, we encourage you to pick out a few items that will bring you and your family some added joy this Christmas. Our team always puts so much work into our catalogs and into shipping orders to you - so we hope you find something you’ll love.

Dutch Country Favorites

In the first few pages of the catalog, you’ll find an assortment of favorites and great gift items from Levi and all of us here at Dutch Country. First, 19 items Levi loves including a 1955 Chevy Stepside Pickup Pullback. It may be a toy, but it's just as much fun for adults as it is for children! Next, you’ll find stocking stuffers, where we feature items we know will fit perfectly inside all your stockings this holiday season. We recommend an all-around customer favorite, Tiny Sampler Jams. At only $1.99, they’re perfect for everyone on your list! We follow that up with a variety of gift ideas and gift sets that we know are sure to please!

Our Holiday Entertaining spread breaks down a few must-have meal essentials. These items are top sellers here at Dutch Country General Store and make a great asset to any meal. From appetizers to sweet treats to meal items, and even kitchenwares to serve all your favorites, we’ve got you covered!

Catalog Spread - Holiday Entertaining

Old-Fashioned Candy and Sweet Treats

Pages 10 - 18 are filled with old-fashioned candy and sweet treats. Pages 12-14 are especially exciting as they feature our new line of Hammond’s candy - oversized lollipops, candy bars, handmade marshmallows, pantry candy tins, taffy, and candy ribbon. You will definitely want to try these old-fashioned favorites while they’re around for the holiday season.

On page 15 you’ll learn all about the traditional Peppermint Pig. They come with a hammer and pouch - choose from two styles 8oz. Noel or 16oz. Clarence. Often a pig represents good health, happiness, and prosperity, especially in Victorian culture. It is filled with peppermint candy very similar to a delicious candy cane. Back in the “olden days” when families gathered together at Christmas for the holiday meal, the tradition was to break the Peppermint Pig™ after dinner (inside a small cloth pouch) using a miniature hammer. All family members would then share in eating the sweet candy pieces, hoping for good fortune in the coming year. We love the idea of sharing this treat with friends and family and hope you will too!

Old Fashioned Candy

Your One-Stop Pantry Shop

On pages 19 - 23 you’ll find a glimpse of some of the delicious food items we have to offer. From jar and bulk goods, we have what you need to fix a delicious Christmas meal. We even offer refrigerated meats, cheeses, and butter too! An employee favorite around here is Mrs. Miller's Noodles. They come in a variety of flavors such as Garlic Parsley and Spinach and are packed with flavor and are cholesterol-free. Use these noodles in main pasta meals and casseroles for a colorful twist on your usual recipe.

Have you tried our Elmwood Inn Teas or Grand Marceline Coffees yet? Elmwood Inn developed an international reputation as one of America’s favorite locations for afternoon tea. Although their tearoom is no longer open, Elmwood Inn still serves thousands of people worldwide. They offer a variety of tea flavors - don’t miss their holiday flavor, Christmas in a Cup Black Tea. Grand Marcheline’s coffees are roasted in Walt Disney’s Hometown in Victorian-era roasters. Treat yourself to a bag to enjoy on Christmas morning, or treat a loved one to one of their delicious flavors, such as their Salted Caramel Ground Coffee. Not a coffee lover? That’s okay, they have Gourmet Cocoa too! Don’t forget to top your drinks with some delicious honey too!

Table Top & Other Decor

Pages 36 - 39 offer some exciting, completely new items - tabletop decor, wall decor, baby announcement sets, kitchen decor, and so much more! Some of our favorites are the May This Home Canvas Wall Hanger, Whitewashed Beaded Pedestal Tray (also available in brown), and Circa Canister Set. These four pages are filled with beautiful gift items that are both modern and farmhouse friendly. Do you have a baker in the family? The Measuring Cup & Towel Set is both practical and stylish. From kitchen towels to storage solutions to coasters, we’ve added some exciting new items this season!

Pages 40 - 43 also offer beautiful decor and great gift options - handmade woven baskets, vintage electronics, tin signs, additional wall decor, and clocks. There’s a variety of items for everyone on your list!

Staples for your Kitchen

Pages 24 - 33, we give you customer-favorite kitchenware items such as essential tools, hand-forged pans, cast iron, mugs, Rada Cutlery, enamelware, and stoneware.

You won’t want to miss our new line of hand-forged pans made right here in the USA. They are engineered for the perfect cook surface and no coatings are added! These pans have high seasoning retention and durability - truly fine cookware!

If you don’t own a piece of cast iron, Enamelware, or Ohio Stoneware, you’re missing out! These versatile kitchen cookware and bakeware pieces are must-haves for any kitchen. The red splatter and vintage black rim enamelware colors are especially perfect for the holiday season!

Don’t forget the all-time best-selling line of kitchen utensils, Rada Cutlery. Available in individual pieces, or gift sets, there’s every kind of kitchen knife you can think of. The Knife Sharpener is the top-seller across the board and is sure to keep your knives performing for years to come. Looking for a practical gift set for someone on your list? Rada is the perfect solution. With gift set options as low as $18.99, there’s an option for all budgets! These items are made in Iowa and have a lifetime guarantee - choose from a black or silver handle in almost all pieces.

Rada Cutlery

New Soaps, Lotions, and Candles

Next up are the Dutch Country General Store Soaps & Lotions. All of our soaps are handmade and carefully hand-cut. No dyes are added to any of our products! Using our line of handmade soaps and lotions will help with eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, and acne. Our lotions will not leave a greasy or oily feeling and will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated. Choose from Oatmeal Honey Soaps, Lotions, Hunting & Fishing Soaps, Shampoos, Scrubs, and more!

You'll also find some old favorites of ours such as candles - Whiskey Boat Goods and Mandle Candles, Goat Milks Soaps. These make amazing stocking stuffers!

Let's not forget about O’Douds, an inclusive grooming brand that’s dedicated to promoting a sensible and sustainable approach to hair and skin care. Other favorites like Caswell-MasseyAmish Origins are present too, these products have been used for centuries!

Nostalgic Toys & Family Favorites

The last section in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is filled with nostalgic toys and family favorites, including art supplies, fun for baby, pony cycles, classic pullback cars, World’s Smallest, metal building kits, farm toys, puzzles, even new brands like Little Golden Books, Blue’s Clues and Paw Patrol!

You won’t want to miss the new Metal Building Kits. These amazing models require no glue! Made from high-quality steel sheets and with fine detail, all come with easy-to-follow instructions. Simply snip out the tabs and bend the tabs through corresponding points. Most models for ages 14+. Choose from trucks, cars, trains, planes, and even boats!

Also new this year are Farm Toys and Tractors - traditional toys that are sure to guarantee hours of fun! Choose from ranch sets, hunting toys, trucks, farm animals and so much more! A few highlights are the 16 Piece Large Ranch Set, Polaris Ranger Hunting Set, 12 Piece Bass Fishing Set, John Deere 730 Tractor with Barge Box, Farm Country Livestock Building with Case SV340B Skid Steer & Accessories, and Peterbilt Semi with Livestock Trailer & Animals

Little Golden Books are a timeless gift fit for any child. These are new for the holidays and with dozens of stories to choose from and at only $4.99 each, there’s sure to be a story or two that your little one will love. Even choose from Christmas stories like The Night Before Christmas and The Nutcracker.

Two other new brands we have welcomed to our website just in time for the holidays are Blue's Clues and Paw Patrol. These well-known brands are children’s favorites and are sure to bring delight when found under the Christmas tree. This Paw Patrol Tabletop Art Center will offer hours of entertainment as children have the choice between a chalkboard or paper for drawing. And don’t miss the Blue’s Clues Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle - the little ones will never lose a piece again!

Little Golden Books
Farm Toys
Nostalgic Toys

Preparing for the Holidays

At the end of the catalog, you’ll find an assortment of Dutch Country Kitchen Recipes. Enjoy all of the family recipes from both Erica Good and Diana Upton-Hill as they share stories and a few laughs along the way.

From homemade savory pretzels and charcuterie board in Season 1 to sweet from-scratch sugar cookies and an entire Holiday Entertaining Special featuring Piper’s dipped caramels in Season 2, you’ll find easy and unique home-cooked meals, treats, and appetizers that everyone will enjoy.

Many delicious recipes include items you can pick up from one of Dutch Country General Store’s locations (Bloomfield, Iowa or Hannibal, Missouri); or shop online and have your order delivered right to your door! Make sure to watch our YouTube™ channel for all the videos of our popular cooking series!

Stop in or Order Online!

We hope the upcoming holiday season is filled with memories that will last a lifetime and that you enjoyed this year’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. We enjoy helping you (& Santa) with your gift-giving work every year! If you have any questions or need help with an order, please call us at 844.344.0031 or email us at [email protected]. May the Peace, Joy, and Blessings of the Season Fill Your House.

Insights from Customer Service

Customer Insights from Noelle

I have been privileged to serve as a DCGS customer service representative for a little more than a year now. During that time, I have talked to so many people from all over the United States. Many are surprised to get an actual person on the other end of the line.

It is my pleasure to be able to help folks when they call in - whether it be a product question, to help place an order, a personal dilemma, or a plethora of other things. Along the way, I have taken note of some questions that customers have asked, and I’d love to share them with you. We hope you will find these insights from Customer Service helpful!

The Perfect Knives & Utensils

I have received many, many calls with questions about our knives and cutlery brands. We at Dutch Country General Store are proud to carry Rada Cutlery knives & utensils which are high-quality products and made right here in the USA! I talk with many happy Rada users each week - I always enjoy hearing stories and feedback about our products.

Some have told me stories about accidentally throwing away their favorite Rada paring knife or stories about someone borrowing and never returning their favorite product. Our customers love their Rada knives and are understandably upset when these things happen! They are relieved when they call and I can help them find what they are looking for and assist them to place a new order.

I often receive questions about how to care for Rada Cutlery. The black handle design is dishwasher safe, however, I recommend hand washing and drying them. Do not place silver handled pieces in the dishwasher - the dishwasher can tarnish them.

  • , , , , , , ,


    0 out of 5

Tip: These knives are very sharp, so always keep safety in mind! If you need to give your Rada Cutlery a tune-up, the Rada Cutlery Knife Sharpener is our top-selling, all-around product! 

Searching for That Sweet Treat

At DCGS, we carry many candies from days gone by. This includes Circus Peanuts, Chew Wax Bottles, Charleston Chews, Razzles, and more. We have dozens of varieties on our website! I often receive calls from customers looking for something specific, and I’m happy to help them find it. Looking for a specific line of candy, or a specific flavor you love, I’m happy to direct you to the right place!

If you’re looking for a new sweet treat to try and wonder what items might sell the best, you’re welcome to call me anytime! I am happy to update you on the items that are currently popular. Right now, our top three candy items are Orange Slices, Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes, and Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties.

  • , , , , ,

    Orange Slices

    0 out of 5
  • , ,

    Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes

    0 out of 5
  • , , , ,

    Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties

    0 out of 5

Personal Dilemmas

Sometimes, I also get calls from customers asking for insights from Customer Service with personal dilemmas. While not always product-related, I’m still happy to help our customers find a solution to whatever problem they may be facing.

A man once called who had cut himself shaving and accidentally got a drop of blood on his clothes. He asked what he could use to get the stain out. I don’t usually consider myself a stain removing pro by any means, but I tried to think of something to help. Although bleach, a known MVP of stain removal, would likely get it out, it is known to also remove the coloring from clothing. In this case, I suggested running the stain under the cold water faucet.

If you have a stain that has had a chance to set in, you can try washing it on the cold setting in the washing machine. If you feel extra pretreating is needed, try applying laundry detergent to the stain and allowing it some time to sit. After 10-15 minutes, wash your garment.

Tip: It is always wise to check your clothing tags for proper care of your garment. Also, the dryer can further set-in stains, so always try to wash the stain out completely before drying.

Free Shipping over $25!

At Dutch Country General Store, we offer free shipping for orders $25 or more.  Sometimes I help customers with orders that are oh-so-close to that $25, and they need a suggestion to get them there. Here are a few suggestions if you find yourself in a similar predicament:

Have something else in mind and only a few dollars away from free shipping? Give me a call and I’d be happy to help you find something you’re sure to love!

We Love Our Customers

My favorite part about my job is getting to know our customers and hearing their stories.

Stories about family, stories about pets, stories about life lessons and years of memories - they are truly conversations I enjoy.

One of my favorite memories was a conversation I had with a loyal customer while I was taking her order. She was in her 90s and had lots of memories to share about her life. We discussed when she met her husband, a member of the British Royal Navy. Then we talked about their life in England before returning to the United States. She told me how they used to participate in ballroom dancing competitions, among other memorable life experiences - what a fascinating life they lived!

So whether you’re calling for help replacing that lost Rada utensil, looking for a best-selling candy item, needing help with a dilemma, or trying to get over that $25 threshold, I’m always happy to help! I’ll gladly listen to your story and do the best I can to help you. If I miss you, please leave a voicemail and I’ll always return your call.

On behalf of myself and all of us here at Dutch Country General Store - we love our customers! I hope you enjoyed these insights from Customer Service!


Our new catalog – the Pantry Edition!

Pantry Guide Catalog Contents

Our new catalog - the Pantry Edition is 92 pages of everything you could possibly crave! We hope you'll sign up and take a look through the pages and mark a few things that you need in your pantry. Give us a call, mail us an order, or shop the thousands of products on our website! We would love to help you. 

But what exactly will you find in the Pantry Edition? Let us give you a "sneak peak" of some the products we have conveniently placed in our newest catalog! 

Pantry Guide Cover
Pantry Guide Catalog

Our Popular Elmwood Inn Teas & Grand Marceline Coffee

From the beginning of the catalog, you’ll find Elmwood Inn Teas. These Teas offer a delicious selection of herbal, black, and green teas. Each tea’s unique combinations come together to create its own take on traditional flavors. You’ll find Earl Gray with Lavender, Strawberry Green Tea, and even Chai with a twist. Don’t forget about our popular, Christmas in a Cup! Elmwood Inn Teas is committed to sharing the ideal that tea is a lifestyle; not a commodity. So sit back and enjoy these wonderful teas!

Next up is our Grand Marceline Coffee & Cocoa - if you haven’t tried them yet, definitely add your favorite flavor to your shopping cart! Roasted in Walt Disney’s Hometown in Victorian-era roasters, these coffees and cocoas are one-of-a-kind, offering a dozen flavors to choose from.

Old Fashioned Candy, Jar Goods, Bulk Foods, & More!

Pages 8 through 22 are filled with the essentials - Old Fashioned Candy, Homemade Fudge, and Piper’s Homemade Chocolate. Chocolate-covered nuts, pretzels, raisins, coffee beans, Cherry Mash, Coconut Bon Bons, Gummi Worms, we have it all! Prefer fudge over candy? Don’t worry, with 9 flavors of fudge to choose from, we suggest one of each!

Looking for something extra special? Piper’s Classic Assortment is exclusive to Dutch Country General Store. Piper's has been making handmade chocolates since 1947. Filled with the most popular Piper’s handmade candies – turtles, toffee, caramel rolls, dark chocolate dipped mints, and nut clusters. This selection of favorites is sure to please!

Our Jar Goods section is filled with a full section of Jams and Jellies, Amish Made Fruit Spreads, Salsas, and Fruits & Vegetables. At only $1.99 each, these Tiny Sampler Jams are a customer favorite! 

Our Bulk Foods section of the catalog is an all-encompassing array of Seeds & Nuts, Dried Fruits, Snack Mixes, Baking Needs, Fresh Ground Peanut, Noodles and so much more! We even offer a Gluten-Free section filled with snacks and baking supplies.

Sign up to receive our Catalog

Delivered to your mailbox!

We hope you enjoy flipping through this convenient pantry guide filled with everything you need year-round.

Meat, Cheese, & Butter

Page 58 starts our Meat, Cheese, & Butter section. First, you’ll find the famous Timber Ridge Snack Sticks and Jerky. A popular item among Dutch Country General Store shoppers, these snacks come in a variety of delicious flavors.

No refrigeration is needed, they can be safely enjoyed while camping, traveling, or in a packed lunch. Another customer favorite is the famous Amish Roll Butter. This hand-rolled delicious, salted butter is some of the best butter you’ve ever tasted. Perfect on bread, while cooking, and for eating by the slice. And don’t forget Milton Creamery’s fresh Cheese Curds - which of their 9 flavors is your favorite? We love the Onion and Parsley flavor around here!

Rada Cutlery & Kitchenwares

Our Kitchenwares and Rada Cutlery offer all the tools you’ll need to prepare and store all the goodies you'll find throughout this catalog. The JarWare line can turn any regular mouth jar into a versatile kitchen tool. We offer 6 pages of every tool you could ever need and another 4 pages of serveware including Cast Iron, Enamelware, and Ohio Stoneware.

If you’re a canner - then pages 74 + 75 are must-shop pages. These Ball Canning jars have been around for over a century and are made here in the USA. And lastly, you can’t forget Rada Cutlery, our best-selling product line at Dutch Country General Store. Rada Cutlery is an Iowa Company that has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948! All cutlery includes a lifetime guarantee.

Old Fashioned Remedies

And lastly, we wrap up the catalog with our unique selection of Personal Care items. 

From lines like O’Douds Apothecary, Amish Origins, Caswell-Massey, Goat Milks Soaps, and Old Fashioned Remedies, you’ll find quality products made with time-tested processes. From beard and hair care to bug and insect repellant, our catalog showcases the most popular items our customers love.

Old Fashioned Remedies

Request Your Catalog Today!

If there is one thing Levi has learned over the years while raising his kids, it’s to always keep a big supply of good, quality snacks in the cupboard. That’s one of the reasons we decided to publish this ‘Pantry Edition’ of our catalog. You are right if you think it’s a little different shape than our usual catalogs, but have no fear, it is packed from cover to cover with everything you could need to keep your kitchen stocked all year-'round.

Haven’t signed up to receive a catalog yet? It’s not too late! Sign up to receive our Spring 2021 Pantry Catalog today here

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