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Our new catalog – the Pantry Edition!

Pantry Guide Catalog Contents

Our new catalog - the Pantry Edition is 92 pages of everything you could possibly crave! We hope you'll sign up and take a look through the pages and mark a few things that you need in your pantry. Give us a call, mail us an order, or shop the thousands of products on our website! We would love to help you. 

But what exactly will you find in the Pantry Edition? Let us give you a "sneak peak" of some the products we have conveniently placed in our newest catalog! 

Pantry Guide Cover
Pantry Guide Catalog

Our Popular Elmwood Inn Teas & Grand Marceline Coffee

From the beginning of the catalog, you’ll find Elmwood Inn Teas. These Teas offer a delicious selection of herbal, black, and green teas. Each tea’s unique combinations come together to create its own take on traditional flavors. You’ll find Earl Gray with Lavender, Strawberry Green Tea, and even Chai with a twist. Don’t forget about our popular, Christmas in a Cup! Elmwood Inn Teas is committed to sharing the ideal that tea is a lifestyle; not a commodity. So sit back and enjoy these wonderful teas!

Next up is our Grand Marceline Coffee & Cocoa - if you haven’t tried them yet, definitely add your favorite flavor to your shopping cart! Roasted in Walt Disney’s Hometown in Victorian-era roasters, these coffees and cocoas are one-of-a-kind, offering a dozen flavors to choose from.

Old Fashioned Candy, Jar Goods, Bulk Foods, & More!

Pages 8 through 22 are filled with the essentials - Old Fashioned Candy, Homemade Fudge, and Piper’s Homemade Chocolate. Chocolate-covered nuts, pretzels, raisins, coffee beans, Cherry Mash, Coconut Bon Bons, Gummi Worms, we have it all! Prefer fudge over candy? Don’t worry, with 9 flavors of fudge to choose from, we suggest one of each!

Looking for something extra special? Piper’s Classic Assortment is exclusive to Dutch Country General Store. Piper's has been making handmade chocolates since 1947. Filled with the most popular Piper’s handmade candies – turtles, toffee, caramel rolls, dark chocolate dipped mints, and nut clusters. This selection of favorites is sure to please!

Our Jar Goods section is filled with a full section of Jams and Jellies, Amish Made Fruit Spreads, Salsas, and Fruits & Vegetables. At only $1.99 each, these Tiny Sampler Jams are a customer favorite! 

Our Bulk Foods section of the catalog is an all-encompassing array of Seeds & Nuts, Dried Fruits, Snack Mixes, Baking Needs, Fresh Ground Peanut, Noodles and so much more! We even offer a Gluten-Free section filled with snacks and baking supplies.

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We hope you enjoy flipping through this convenient pantry guide filled with everything you need year-round.

Meat, Cheese, & Butter

Page 58 starts our Meat, Cheese, & Butter section. First, you’ll find the famous Timber Ridge Snack Sticks and Jerky. A popular item among Dutch Country General Store shoppers, these snacks come in a variety of delicious flavors.

No refrigeration is needed, they can be safely enjoyed while camping, traveling, or in a packed lunch. Another customer favorite is the famous Amish Roll Butter. This hand-rolled delicious, salted butter is some of the best butter you’ve ever tasted. Perfect on bread, while cooking, and for eating by the slice. And don’t forget Milton Creamery’s fresh Cheese Curds - which of their 9 flavors is your favorite? We love the Onion and Parsley flavor around here!

Rada Cutlery & Kitchenwares

Our Kitchenwares and Rada Cutlery offer all the tools you’ll need to prepare and store all the goodies you'll find throughout this catalog. The JarWare line can turn any regular mouth jar into a versatile kitchen tool. We offer 6 pages of every tool you could ever need and another 4 pages of serveware including Cast Iron, Enamelware, and Ohio Stoneware.

If you’re a canner - then pages 74 + 75 are must-shop pages. These Ball Canning jars have been around for over a century and are made here in the USA. And lastly, you can’t forget Rada Cutlery, our best-selling product line at Dutch Country General Store. Rada Cutlery is an Iowa Company that has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948! All cutlery includes a lifetime guarantee.

Old Fashioned Remedies

And lastly, we wrap up the catalog with our unique selection of Personal Care items. 

From lines like O’Douds Apothecary, Amish Origins, Caswell-Massey, Goat Milks Soaps, and Old Fashioned Remedies, you’ll find quality products made with time-tested processes. From beard and hair care to bug and insect repellant, our catalog showcases the most popular items our customers love.

Old Fashioned Remedies

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If there is one thing Levi has learned over the years while raising his kids, it’s to always keep a big supply of good, quality snacks in the cupboard. That’s one of the reasons we decided to publish this ‘Pantry Edition’ of our catalog. You are right if you think it’s a little different shape than our usual catalogs, but have no fear, it is packed from cover to cover with everything you could need to keep your kitchen stocked all year-'round.

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New & Returning Summer Toys for All Ages

Shop our New & Returning Summer Toys for All Ages! Summer is here and in full swing! Looking for some fun outdoor toys to keep those kiddos active and moving? Dutch Country General Store has a large selection of new and back-in-stock toys that your little humans are sure to love!

New Toys

These new summer water and backyard toys offer a variety of activities for all play levels. From giant bubbles to volleyball, you’re sure to find something that children of all ages will enjoy. Check out these new, awesome toys, and be sure to snag them before summer ends!

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Make magical memories under the rainbow! This rainbow sprinkler will brighten anyone's backyard. The perfect summer item for any kid, this will sure to be a hit amongst the neighborhood at your next BBQ. Inflate sprinkler and attach a garden hose for endless fun in the sun!

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Enjoy big-time fun with this giant inflatable bowling game. With weighted pins, kids of all ages can roll, throw, or even kick the ball to get a strike! A trip to the bowling alley in your own backyard, no one can pass up this classic game. 

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Need a little help with those giant inflatables? Look no further! This portable lightweight electric pump will make blowing up all of your inflatables a breeze. With three different nozzle attachments, this versatile tool will help you inflate and deflate. This is the perfect add-on for all of your favorite inflatable toys, games, and anything else, plus its size makes it easy to pack and travel with you anywhere! 

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Who doesn't love bubbles?! Imagine creating GIGANTIC bubbles with this super loop bubble kit. Pour the bubble solution into the bubble pool, dip the wand, and watch the bubbles become life-sized! Want to add even more fun? Stand in the middle of the inflatable bubble pool, dip the bubble wand, and raise it up to create a bubble around yourself.

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Grab the inflatable volleyball and serve over this inflatable volleyball sprinkler. Serve, set, and spike the ball through this full sprinkler to add an extra splash to your game. A great way to cool off and enjoy family time together, this will bump away the summertime blues. For the little ones, the central sprinkler adds a fun way for the whole family to join in. 9¾'L x 4'H.

Returning Toys

These child favorites are back in stock, but hurry, they won’t last long! Whether your child loves to play with bugs, in the dirt, or in the dark, these toys are now back in stock and ready for play!

Bug Houses

Children will enjoy observing bugs, insects, and butterflies in these eye-popping bug houses. Made from lightweight molded plastic and wire mesh, it has an easy-access door, a sturdy handle, and lots of ventilation.

Watering Cans

How does your garden grow? By keeping it watered with this sweet, kid-friendly watering can, that’s how! These themed cans with curved handles is made from light but sturdy plastic that holds up to outdoor play, while encouraging creative and imaginative pretend play, too.


Kids will enjoy walking in the rain or shading themselves from the sun under these durable, themed umbrellas. Rounded safety tips and child-friendly mechanisms make these umbrellas easy and safe for children to work by themselves.

Tote Sets

With this kid-friendly garden tote, complete with tools, getting help in the garden just got easier! The sturdy plastic tools are just right for little helpers and easy to keep organized in this durable and brightly colored fabric tote with woven handles. An included spray bottle helps keep plants watered and little gardeners cool! Use it inside for pretend play or outside when kids want to do some digging.


These lovable flashlights provide a steady spotlight for fun in the dark! With their sturdy, integrated handles, it’s easy for small hands to grip, and six feet help keep the flashlight steady when it’s time to set it down. Whether curled up with a book under the covers or running around the yard playing flashlight tag, this is the perfect accessory for adventure.


A net is a perfect way to catch moths, bugs, and butterflies on those long summer evenings! These bug catchers are light and fun to wave, while the sturdy construction, durable frame, and strong polyester netting make it perfect for outdoor play.


These kickballs keep kids ages two and older moving. The fun designs make it extra fun to learn and practice early catching and kicking games. Made of durable rubber, this colorful and easy-to-handle playground ball is great for backyard fun or playing games in the park.

Other Returning Toys

The Splash Patrol’s motto is all for one and fun for all! They always work together–especially when they are squirting you with water! This whimsical outdoor sprinkler is made from durable materials. It attaches easily to a hose for outdoor fun for the whole family, as well as an adorable way to water the garden. The sprinkler encourages outdoor active play and helps develop coordination.

Who doesn't love bubbles?! Imagine creating GIGANTIC bubbles with this super loop bubble kit. Pour the bubble solution into the bubble pool, dip the wand, and watch the bubbles become life-sized! Want to add even more fun? Stand in the middle of the inflatable bubble pool, dip the bubble wand, and raise it up to create a bubble around yourself.

Grab a stack of these sturdy plastic cones and head outside to play! Four different colors and two textures make every cone unique, so they’re great for traditional outdoor games and so much more. The included play guide suggests dozens of exciting activities, from races to balance games. Durably built and cast in fade-resistant colors, these exciting cones will stay standing tall and looking great, playtime after playtime.

Doing yard work is a snap when the cheerful Snappy Turtle helps! This cleverly designed plastic lawnmower has lots of ways to interest little ones: a storage compartment under the shell, a plastic fuel can to “pour,” dials that turn, slide, and click, and a pull-cord that makes a motor sound! Made from durable materials with Snappy’s smiling face, this is a mower is great for indoor or outdoor play. It’s got a sturdy handle to help new walkers and will encourage gross motor skill development, role-play activities, and an exploration of the natural world. Lock handle in place before giving to child.

It’s Play Time with Dutch Country General Store

Here at Dutch Country General Store, we love playtime and we love the outdoors - that’s why we are excited to offer a large selection of fun summer toys for all ages. Have questions or looking for something specific? Call us anytime at 844.344.0031 - we’re happy to help!

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