Make Easter Unforgettable with Piper’s Homemade Chocolates!

Tradition is everything.

Make Easter Unforgettable with Piper’s Homemade Chocolates! Piper’s Grocery and Homemade Candies has been on the northeast corner of the Chariton, Iowa square for well over 100 years. Piper's has come to be a bit of a local landmark.

With its red and white awning, high tin ceiling, and original wood floors, it has been an integral part of southern Iowa history and a purveyor of high-quality merchandise for many decades now. Utilizing the same recipes and candy-making techniques, the Easter Egg collection is a favorite and is sure to please!

Taking pride in what matters most.

Starting with the freshest ingredients and using time-tested recipes, Piper’s Homemade Chocolates are made almost entirely by hand. The end result are delicious treats that have been enjoyed by generations of Piper’s customers.  Whether new to us or an old friend, we hope you will enjoy them too. 

Piper's, like Dutch Country General Store, takes pride in its commitment to great customer service, and the products they sell. We are pleased to bring you their delicious chocolates and other treats in our stores and on our website! Jill (owner of Piper's) recently joined Dutch Country Kitchen during the Holiday Entertaining Special where we learned all about their rich history, and how to dip chocolate too!

Delicious treats that are sure to please.

One of the most popular items is Piper’s Classic Assortment of Chocolates. We are happy to offer these now on our website! Each set is filled with delicious handmade favorites such as: turtles, toffee, caramel rolls, dark chocolate dipped mints and nut clusters.  There are approximately 24 pieces per pound and you can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from .5lb up to 5lbs.

Piper's Easter Egg

Piper’s Candy Easter Eggs for Easter!

If you take a trip to one of our stores in Bloomfield, Iowa, or Hannibal, Missouri, you’ll also find seasonal in-store favorites - such as Piper’s Candy Easter Eggs. Piper’s Candy has been making these chocolate Easter Eggs since the very beginning of their candy-making endeavors.

These delectable eggs consist of a chocolate shell and are filled with a fun surprise - each chocolate egg is filled with Piper’s Chocolates! You’ll find 1lb and 2lb options in-store. Each is packaged in lovely display boxes. These make adorable additions to any Easter basket. They are almost as beautiful as they are delicious.

We hope to see ya real soon!

Whether you’re in the neighborhood, making a special trip to see us, or shopping with us online, we hope you find everything you’re looking for! Piper’s Chocolates are the perfect homemade treat for the Easter season - but honestly, they are perfect for any occasion! Stop on in, give us a call at 844.344.0031, or shop with us online - we’d be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


Hello folks, Well winter is almost over, and boy am i glad. The ice on the ponds is melting and the ice houses are about full and will hopefully last till the ponds freeze over again next winter, so now we can get back to building chairs and taking care of our customers in the store. Before we know it it will be Easter and the flowers and lilies will be coming on. One of my favorite memories of Easter is when i was growing up in Virginia we would all drive across the mountain into West Virginia to go to Uncle Jimmy's Place for Sunday lunch. After we were all fat and full, in the afternoon, we would all go outside for an Easter egg hunt. Uncle Jimmy would always hide the eggs and some of them would have candy in them and some would have $1 bills and some $5 bills. Now that's great but what no one realized was that he always hid them in the same place, and there was always one hid on the far side of the property in an old fence post hole. This one was extra special - it had a $10 bill in it. Jackpot!!! Every time !!! Now that I am a little bit older and don't get too many thrills out of hunting Easter eggs, one of my favorite things about Easter is Communion and foot washing on Good Friday. I know a lot of you have probably never even heard about foot washing but it is still a common practice in our circles, and one of my favorite ceremonies. It's a time where we are reminded that no matter what our walk in life - no matter what our position in family or church or business - we are to be like Christ and serve Him by serving others. It's a real special thing that means a lot and has a great message. No matter what you are doing this Easter, take some time to remember what it's all about. Levi Good, Proprietor Dutch Country General Store
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