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Bulk Candy

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Delectable Bulk Candy, Sweets & Treats

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    Peanut Butter Monkey Munch

    This sweet treat will surely keep you munching! Corn cereal squares tossed with melted chocolate and peanut butter then covered with a generous dusting of powdered sugar is what you’ll find in every batch of this Peanut Butter Monkey Munch. A treat for both kids and adults, this munch mix makes a great snack as well as a delicious addition to any party or picnic spread.

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    Mini Cow Tales®

    This bite sized version of this classic treat features a sweet cream center surrounded by smooth, rich caramel for a delicious and chewy snack! Made with wheat flour, milk and real cream, each string of Cow Tale caramels has a clean and simple taste that your kids will love to eat!

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Handmade & Old-Fashioned Candy

At Dutch Country General Store we bring to you the finest, most delicious chocolates, old-fashioned candy and more to delight your tastebuds. These tasty offerings are sure to have you reminiscing about your Grandma’s fudge, trips to the dime store, or your favorite penny candy. Or perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite! Enjoy for yourself or share… we just want you to savor the moment.