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Bulk Candy

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Delectable Bulk Candy, Sweets & Treats

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    Small Atomic Fireballs, Wrapped

    Ignite your taste buds with hot cinnamon flavor with these Atomic Fireballs! These jawbreakers are bursting with fiery flavor and are individually wrapped for convenience.

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    Spice Drops

    Add some spice to your life with this light and colorful chewy mix! These gumdrops feature six unique flavors of cinnamon, clove, anise, spearmint, root beer (sassafras) and wintergreen.

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Handmade & Old-Fashioned Candy

At Dutch Country General Store we bring to you the finest, most delicious chocolates, old-fashioned candy and more to delight your tastebuds. These tasty offerings are sure to have you reminiscing about your Grandma’s fudge, trips to the dime store, or your favorite penny candy. Or perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite! Enjoy for yourself or share… we just want you to savor the moment.