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Over the Post Blog

October 2017

5th Anniversary & Fall Festival

The weather is startin’ to change which can only mean one thing — fall is upon us! And that also means we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary of owning Dutch Country General Store. My wife, Erica, and I bought this place believing that we could help our family (and yours!) by providing great products and that old-fashioned kind of service we don’t see much anymore. It’s been a long journey — and we still have a ways to [...]

August 2017

Over the Post #2

Howdy! This summer must have wings because it’s just flyin’ right by! Here we are in August and we’ve sold a ton of peaches, sweet corn, and poly furniture and we’ve given away a lot of watermelons in the store. Nothing says summer like that combo, right? I also got a wild hair one day and picked up an order of kayaks. Now, I’m no mermaid (or merman, would it be?), but I’m definitely sure that you can picture me [...]

June 2017

Post 1

Howdy! Man, what a week. Yep, ever since the weather started warming up we have been busy trying to keep up with our outdoor furniture website (amishmadepoly.com). We sell Amish made poly Adirondack chairs all over the country! I thought I had finally figured out a way to speed up our production by buying my guys some cordless DeWalt tools and an inverter for them to charge their batteries and man it was slick! Well, until they got caught anyway. [...]