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Cake, Pie, Casserole Collection

Our Cake & Pie Carriers are unique and made with the highest quality materials available. They can be used for all of your outings and protect your pies from the elements. The pie baskets come with wooden dividers to protect the pies that come in multiple layers. The handles for both baskets are made with very strong high-quality leather. Our Hot Dish carriers are made with the highest quality materials available creating a very unique way of serving that hot dish after all the effort you put into getting it just right for your special guest.

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    3 Pie Basket w/Tray & Lid

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    4 Pie Basket w/Tray & Lid

    Enjoy our 4 Pie Basket w/Tray & Lid, perfect for family gatherings. This beautiful basket is handcrafted by Amish. Available in both brown and our unique slate gray! This basket will fit 4 large pies comfortably.

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    6 Pie Basket w/Tray & Lid

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    Double Pie Basket w/tray

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    Single Pie Basket

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