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It’s the Little Things (Even In A Pandemic)

Optimism is Contagious...

In the last several months things have gotten a little wild in the world. I'm sure you've noticed! It's important to see the big picture and not hide your head in the sand, I don't like to let most anything get me down. They say I'm an optimist... sometimes to a fault. But as a business owner during this pandemic, I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have a sense of hope. There are new challenges every day! Getting to serve our wonderful customers (including many new faces all over the country!) in the last several months keeps bringing a smile to my face every day.

A First Time for Everything

We've gotten notes about how much our products have brought families together, which is so very important in these trying times. Whether it's the recently laid off single dad using our yeast to take his first stab at baking bread for the first time out in New Jersey, or the "usually too busy" family that just discovered how much fun it can be to sit down together and put a puzzle together.

These are the reasons we have kept working so hard, often almost around the clock. We've hired more people in our warehouse and our customer service department. We've done everything we can to make sure you get what you need to make your "at home" time the best it can be.

It's the Little Things...

That said, what I'm noticing from our customers and even our staff, is that they are telling me about the little things they are finding new joy in. You see, it's not always about the big and exciting things, but it's about the simple little things that truly make life more complete. I like to think that is what Dutch Country General Store is all about.

The little things. The little things that make life simply better. Whether it's the homemade Mrs. Miller's jam you put on your toast in the morning, the special Whiskey Boat Goods Candle with a scent that brings back fond memories, or that toy from your childhood that's just too perfect not to share with the next generation.  These are the little things. Celebrating them with the ones you care for, the ones you love can make all the difference.

The Dutch Country General Store Catalog...

As our first-ever catalog is now hitting mailboxes, it's been a true labor of love. I hope you'll flip through its pages and let us send something to your home that's just perfect to share with your family. Something that will bring back old memories, make new memories, or just help make these odd times in our world a little brighter.  Even something little can make the day better.

Take care and stay healthy,

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