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Hannibal Store Celebrates One Year!

Who knew we would be opening our store in a pandemic?

Who knew we would be opening our Hannibal store in a global pandemic! When we started the buildout of the new store COVID was just making news globally and no one had any idea of the impact it would have on everything. Some folks asked us if we would postpone the opening, but after we saw the need for some of our essential baking supplies and other grocery items we continued full steam ahead. We were happy to be able to supply these items to many people that may not have otherwise had access to them. Our team stepped up and really did great work during a very complicated time.

Hannibal, Missouri is a special place. There is no doubt about it. The amount of history in the town, the number of visitors coming in to explore it, and the close-knit community downtown, make it the perfect fit for a Dutch Country General Store. We love being a part of it all! Hannibal is filled to the brim with warm and wonderful people.

Spring Hannibal Dutch Country General Store
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"We have been welcomed with open arms and we couldn't be more thankful or happier." - Levi

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The Sky is the limit for Dutch Country General Store

We always say that the sky is the limit and it's true. We have many exciting plans to keep building the company and bringing our special Dutch Country Way to more of the country. Our catalog keeps growing and our website is always busy. People like to enjoy the simpler things in life, and we want to keep bringing a slice of that to them.

We are always rolling out new products and working with new partners with our merchandise. We have some exciting new wood toys produced by a fine company out of Vermont that are coming to stores soon. We also just added Timber Ridge snack sticks and jerky to our line-up. They use locally sourced beef from the pastures of central Iowa to produce a more nutritious and healthy snack than most jerky companies. And we are just now rolling out a new line of baby gifts - perfect for all those baby showers coming up! (Did I mention my wife is having our fifth child any day now?)

Levi and Family

Our Grand Opening and Getting the "Wow" Factor

Grand Opening Hannibal
Grand Opening Hanibal
Hannibal Tractor Parade
Hannibal Tractor Parade- Grand Opening

As I think back on the last year, one of my favorite experiences was opening day last April. I always get excited when the first customers walk through the door and we get to see the first "WOW" from them. It's a payoff for the hours and hours of hard work that it takes to get there. I also had a great time at our official grand opening event - the tractor parade was really neat and I always enjoy judging our Dutch Country Kitchen baking contest! We can't wait for more events to come in 2021, in April we will be having Levi's Crazy Days, so keep an eye out for all of those crazy deals. We hope to see ya real soon!

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