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How to Clean & Season Cast Iron Cookware

How to Care For Cast Iron Cookware

What is the best way to care for my cast iron cookware?

We are asked a lot on our customer service line and in our stores all of the time "How to Clean & Season Cast Iron Cookware"? So we thought we better refer to Erica Good, Co-Owner and Family Dining Expert for our Dutch Country Kitchen cooking show to find out what is the best way to care for cast iron. We hope you find the tips and tricks helpful in caring for yours!

Erica Good Family Dining Expert
Erica Good Family Dining Expert

Does my cast iron skillet come pre-seasoned?

Yes, all sold at Dutch Country General Store are pre-seasoned! If you have purchased your cast iron skillet or other cookware from Dutch Country General Store, often you'll want to know what to do next.

As Erica explains it you can simply rinse and dry your cast iron piece before using it the first time. If you are interested in double-seasoning your cast iron put 1/4 cup vegetable oil in my new cast iron piece and bake it. I bake it upside down at 350° for 30 minutes or so, just to "double-season" it. Grapeseed oil is another great option to use as well. I usually use vegetable oil because that is what I have on hand."

So can we use soap and water on cast iron, that is the age-old question?

In season 1 of Dutch Country Kitchen Erica used a large cast iron skillet to cook with for the delicious supreme pizza episode. We have received many questions on how to clean the skillet after making such recipes as pizza and other heavy ingredients in the cast iron.

Tip from Erica Good - DO NOT place in dishwasher; but, yes, I handwash mine with some hot soapy water. Then I rinse it and place it on my drying rack, where it can "drip-dry" quickly. Really, the more you use your cast iron, the more it seasons itself and achieves the magical "nonstick" quality everyone desires. It becomes easier to wash after it's been well-seasoned from lots of use.

More Tips & Tricks from Erica

  • If you love your cast iron, it'll love you.
  • For baking with cast iron, I like to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the piece versus spraying with Pam. Simply get a paper towel, fold it up a little, dump some oil into it and then grease down your cast iron piece. Now you are ready to put your product in for baking.
  • For frying, I like to use a metal turner, not a plastic one. The metal turner just seems to keep the food from sticking.

What if my cast iron is Not Pre-Seasoned?

Set your oven to 350 degrees and be sure to put 1/4 cup vegetable oil or grapeseed oil in the new cast iron piece and bake it. Do this for 30 minutes or so in order to season the pan.

Be careful to keep your pan dry but if after some time you see any rust first see if it will wash off with hot soap and water. If that doesn't work, do a quick "re-seasoning" by rubbing 1/4 c. oil in your cast iron piece and baking upside down for 30 minutes or so at 350°.

It will love you back

You'll find many options for cast iron cookware and even some decorative items on our website and in both of our stores! If you have any questions at all on the care of your cast iron please call us at customer support at 844.344.0031! We hope our tips and tricks have helped in taking care of your very own cast iron cookware. And as Erica Good said so well, "if you love your cast iron, it will love you". Hope to see you real soon!

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