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High School Graduate Spotlight

Congratulations to our 2021 Graduates

We are extremely happy to congratulate the members of our team that are graduating this year.

We love all of our team members here at Dutch Country General Store and we’re blessed to be able to share these major milestones with them. Congratulations to the class of 2021!

Wilson Brennemann

Wilson Brennemann is graduating from Palmyra High School in Palmyra, MO. He started working at Dutch Country General Store in June of 2020 and is part of our stocking and inventory management team at our Hannibal location. Wilson will attend Truman State University in Kirksville, MO to study Business/Finance.

Wilson's favorite thing about working at DCGS is the workplace culture that Dutch County provides.

"We are a family. It makes going to work fun and enjoyable."

The team has developed relationships that go farther than just the workplace. We have become friends.

Wilson is quiet, but has such a fun wit that will just sneak up and surprise you in a great way! He is always willing to help with any project and he is so great at interacting with customers when he happens to be on the floor stocking. You can often find him taking a minute from his work to have a great conversation with our store visitors.

Senior photo

Jay Froah

Jay Froah has been in Order Fulfillment with Dutch Country General Store for 2 years. After graduation, he plans to attend Faith Baptist Bible College for 2 years of Biblical Studies.

Jay’s favorite thing about Dutch Country has been the ability to try and learn new things.

“My time here has given me multiple different job opportunities.”

Lately, Jay can be found in our warehouse processing online orders (a.k.a. playing with stuffed animals and resisting the urge to eat all the food). He also enjoys interacting with customers at the register and on the poly furniture lot. Jay consistently brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to any department he works in. We are so grateful to have someone like Jay on our team. He contributes to the uplifting and loving environment we strive for!

Senior photo

Xander Price

Xander Price is a Warehouse Associate and has been with Dutch Country General store for 2 years. After graduation, he plans to attend Indian Hills Community College for business trades.

Xander loves that his job allows him to drive to various locations and interact with different people.

"I really enjoyed driving products and materials around to different sites. It is fun to help a company grow!"

Xander is one of the silent engineers who work to keep all the rides roaring at our 'amusement park'! Primarily working behind the scenes in the warehouse or driving around, Xander is one of the hardest-working people you could ever meet. He is usually pretty quiet and likes to just come in and work, but anyone lucky enough to catch a Xander smile is sure to have their day brightened! We love having Xander on the team and are excited to celebrate his work with the whole town!

Senior photo

At Dutch Country General Store, our team members are like family - so when it comes to important milestones like high school graduation, we could not be happier for Wilson, Jay, and Xander. We are excited to see what the future holds for these bright, young individuals. If you see them around, be sure to congratulate them!

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