Whiskey Boat Goods Candle – Well Worn Leather

Whiskey Boat Goods Candle – Well Worn Leather

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Patinaed leather goods, saddles and work gloves – the “Well Worn Leather” soy candle brings out your inner cowboy. Poured in batches of 6-8 in Austin, TX, production is kept small and completely constructed by hand. Contains all-natural wick. Under optimal conditions, Whiskey Boat Goods 9 oz candles will burn for 50+ hours and 16oz will burn for 90+ hours.

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Whiskey Boat Goods Candle – Well Worn Leather

Like walking into a store full of your favorite patinaed leather goods.

Benefits of Soy Wax:
Eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable
Support the American farmer
Easier clean-up with just soap and hot water
Increased burn time

Burning Instructions:
For safe and even burning, allow wax to puddle entire width of jar before extinguishing. Additionally, limit burn time to 3 hours or less per burn. Trim wick between ⅛” to ¼” before burning.

After the Burn:
Jars can easily be cleaned and reused, making these candles an even more sustainable and budget-friendly part of your family’s day-to-day lives. You can even use these jars for canning!

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