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    Creepy Crawly Gloopy Glop

    Our Creepy Crawly Gloopy Glop is a great novelty gift thats educational and fascinatingly icky. Each tub of nasty goo includes an assorted toy insect suspended in slime. Comes with assorted creepy crawly insects including spider, scorpion, dragonfly and beetle.

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    Hairy Scary Jumping Spider

    The Hairy Scary Jumping Spider is a novelty item that’s sure to spook some poor unsuspecting victim. Pump the end to make the spider move realistically while you hide out of sight.

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    Wriggly Woolly Worms

    These Wriggly Woolly Worms are a novelty item that is cute and fuzzy. Enjoy the un and pull along to make them look like they are alive.

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