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    Adventurer’s Pocket Microscope

    Take on your next quest with the Adventurer’s Pocket Microscope. This mini microscope features a 55 x magnification and an LED light. Make new discoveries and learn along the way! Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Junior Adventurer range which includes binoculars, a compass, magnifying glass and a lantern.

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    Mini Farm

    With our Mini Farm you get a little handy box with a tiny farm inside. A 31 piece set of classic farm animals that can keep the little ones amused without taking up too much space.

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    Mini Magic Art

    This Mini Magic Art classic toy will fit in your pocket. Just like magic your child can draw anything and then wipe it away and it’s gone. Endless creativity at your fingertips, great as a gift or include in a gift bag.

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    Mini Ten Colour Pen

    The Mini Ten Colour Pen is 10 different colors in one! Comes in 4 assorted colors of ten and one will be chosen at random. This classic pen is great as a gift or include in a goodie gift bag.

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    Mini Zoo

    Become a zoo keeper with our Mini Zoo. The Mini Zoo is a little box containing lots of assorted zoo animals plus fencing and foliage. Makes a great gift!

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    Woodland Mini Mag Notepads

    Our Woodland Mini Mag Notepads is a set of notebooks that come in a display box with a magnetic jewel closure. All notebooks have a woodland theme with animals and leaves. Pencil not included. Selection may vary.

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