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Dinosaur Toys

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    Dino Keyrings

    Children of all ages will enjoy this assortment of prehistoric Dino Keyrings. Dinosaurs never go out of style but they did go extinct. These unique toys come in a an assortment of fun colors and your selection may vary.

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    Dino-dig Excavation Kits

    Enjoy this unique Dino-dig Excavation Kit! Perfect for the next paleontologist out there. One picked at random, we offer an assortment of fossilised dinosaurs. Your child will enjoy the excitement of the surprise of which dino they will be digging up!

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    Dino-Glo Model Kits

    Build your own dinosaur skeleton with a Dino-Glo Model Kit! As you build the skeleton, watch the the infamous T-Rex skeleton take shape. It even glows in the dark. Great for any dino lover!

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    Pterodactyl Flying Machine

    Build your own Pterodactyl Flying Machine in this novelty kit which builds a fantastic rubber-band powered flying dinosaur. Set it to fly straight or in a circle, just like a real Pterodactyl would if it was getting ready to swoop down for its prey. A great one for kids who love dinosaurs.

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    SquirtySaurus Bath Toys

    Our line of SquirtySaurus Bath Toys help make bath time fun! Squirty-saurus is also great in the pool. This novelty gift is fun for all ages!

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    Our Squish-a-Saurus is a novelty stress ball that’s sure to put a smile on your face. Pick one up and give it a squeeze to help your Dino-Rage!

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