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    Honey Candy

    Honey candy is an old-fashioned candy often found in candy stores long ago. Each candy is filled with honey and is available in assorted fruit and honey flavors. What makes it so unique is that it can be a delicious or soothing sweet treat at any time of day. Honey is a great alternative to other candies loaded with sugar. Each piece has a honey flavored hard shell that is filled with a sweet liquid honey treat.

    Flavors: lemon, strawberry, orange, sour apple, grape or double honey candies.

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    Honey Sticks Assorted Flavors

    Honey Sticks Assorted Flavors

    Choose from our many honey sticks in assorted flavors! Choices: Apple, Blackberry Blossom, Blueberry, Buckwheat, Cherry, Cinnamon (Red Hot), Grape, Lemon, Peach, Natural Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Natural Mint, Watermelon, Wildflower, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Green Apple

    So many to choose from. All made from natural honey and area good source for vitamins. Did we mention they taste delicious too?

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