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Man, what a week. Yep, ever since the weather started warming up we have been busy trying to keep up with our outdoor furniture website ( We sell Amish made poly Adirondack chairs all over the country! I thought I had finally figured out a way to speed up our production by buying my guys some cordless DeWalt tools and an inverter for them to charge their batteries and man it was slick! Well, until they got caught anyway. Turns out the Amish Bishop didn’t appreciate my English engine (or however you spell it). He prefers the Yankee screwdriver over DeWalt, now that’s kind of hard for me to take coming from Virginia and all, but don’t worry we’ll get it figured out. You just sit there and drink your glass of sweet tea and I’ll keep selling chairs. Sweet tea really is the best but of course I’m a teatotaler so I might be a little biased! Peach Tea is a close second right up there with a Coke.

Speaking of peaches, I heard the peaches are going to be scarce this year: both of the Carolinas got froze out (I almost said ‘plum’ froze out I don’t want to confuse you). About one half of Georgia got froze out, too, but we will still be getting some in. They are saying that the quality is just as good as always but they will be smaller and a lot fewer. We will be only able to get them for 5 weeks and come the middle of July we will be plumb out of Georgia peaches 🙂 That being said, we’ve decided to make June Dutch Country Peach Month! Now I know what you are saying “Levi, August is National Peach Month!”. Well, smarty pants, yes it is but with the frost and all we’re going to go ahead and celebrate early while we have peaches in the store. Now, since I can’t ship these all the way to timbuktu I’m going to do something special on the website. All our peach related items are 50% off! We’ve got Peach Gummi Rings, Peach Jam, Rhubarb Peach Jam, Peach Salsa, Vanilla Peach Halves, No Sugar Peach Jam, and 2 jar sizes of Peach Halves (16oz and 32oz). Hopefully things will be peachy for you and yeah, if you’re looking for a set of DeWalt tools I may have a set for sale…still working on that.

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