Over the Post #2

Over the Post #2


This summer must have wings because it’s just flyin’ right by! Here we are in August and we’ve sold a ton of peaches, sweet corn, and poly furniture and we’ve given away a lot of watermelons in the store. Nothing says summer like that combo, right? I also got a wild hair one day and picked up an order of kayaks. Now, I’m no mermaid (or merman, would it be?), but I’m definitely sure that you can picture me floating on the open water in a bright blue kayak. It’s gotta be something I try sometime. Maybe by Labor Day I’ll do that…

Now speaking of Labor Day, it’s coming right up, and I do plan to relax a little with my family. Hopefully you get time to do that, too. Time goes by way too fast, and you’ve got to enjoy yourself a little. I see my little girls growing up and I don’t want to miss a moment of that. I’ll sit down with my sweet tea on my favorite poly chair – made by our Amish craftsmen right here in southern Iowa – and tell them some tales of days gone by. I’ve got a lot of stories, including how I used to sneak into the fair every summer… but I better keep my mouth shut on that before my mother sees this!

See y’all soon at the store or online!  

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