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Dutch Country General Store 2021

Reflecting on 2021 at Dutch Country General Store

While reflecting on 2021 at Dutch Country General Store, we realize that it's been a great year. Join us as we look back at some of our favorite memories and events!

Thank You

We've had our challenges, as most small businesses had in this economy. We want to thank you for supporting our small business. We take pride in employing a host of people who live and work in Iowa and Missouri.

Thank you for being understanding when we come up short on a product you are looking for. Our team is truly amazing and they have worked really hard all year long and we will continue to do so!

We look forward to what 2022 will bring and we can't wait to share the fun with all of our customers.

Making Memories

Hannibal Living Windows 1
Hannibal Living Windows 2
Hannibal Living Windows 3

The kids, and my lovely wife Erica, had so much fun participating in Hannibal's Living Windows this Christmas season! There were even some serious Chess games going on as the girls decorated the tree with popcorn and read stories. Straight from the Victorian era was our theme, and it was lovely to spend time with the family in beautiful historic downtown Hannibal!

Oh the Fun We've Had

Levi's Crazy Days 1
Petting Zoo

To kick off Spring, we thought we'd bring you Levi's Crazy Days. This was the first year for Hannibal and the 9th anniversary for our Bloomfield location.

With the many fun activities, it was nothing short of a fun-filled weekend that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was a perfect way to ring in the beautiful weather, and celebrate the old-fashioned, family-friendly atmosphere we here at Dutch Country General Store strive for.

Both locations enjoyed caricature artists and as well as live music! Our Bloomfield store also opened its gates to Miller's Petting Zoo. There were ducklings, rabbits, goats, and many more! We are ready to do it all over again in 2022!

Giving Back to our Communities


At Dutch Country General Store, we are privileged to be able to give back to our communities in both the Hannibal and Bloomfield areas. It would not be possible without our wonderful customers who continue to stop by our stores each year.

We love to see some of the same faces and new ones too! Whether you're traveling through the rolling hills of Iowa to somewhere new or coming to the historic downtown Hannibal, we believe we all thrive when we work together. Here are some of the great organizations we were able to partner with in 2021.

Thanks for reflecting on 2021 at Dutch Country General Store with us! We hope to see ya real soon in 2022. Happy New Year and God Bless!

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